Easy Bulk Mailer

Easy Bulk Mailer

With Easy Bulk Mailer you can turn your own web server to an email marketing machine.

With Easy Bulk Mailer, you can send newsletters, greetings, advertisement, offers or other mail to a large group of recent or potential customers in an easy way.

With this bulk mail software you can also easily create and send brochures to your current clients or business partners.


- Supports HTML mail
- SSL encrypted connection to mail server
- Error log
- Back End folder to you webserver
- Automatic unsubscribe link creation
- Automatic unsubscribe list checking before sending
- HTML editor (no coding needed)
- Tiny email tracking
- Setup Wizard
- Delay between e-mails sends

No monthly fees

This Bulk mail program uses your own SMTP and web server. You do not have to pay a monthly fee for email marketing. Easy Bulk Mailer wizard will help you through the installation progress. If you have installing problems or any other problems with our program, please contact us or try to find solution from the  manual

HTML Editor 

This bulk mail software has a built-in HTML editor which you can use without any coding skills. This HTML editor contains eight different blocks that you can customize according to your needs. Once you've edited the blocks, simply add these blocks to your HTML template and you're done. You can watch YouTube video here about how easy it is to built a HTML email with our editor.

Trial version

We recommend you to try trial first before buying this program. Our goal is to make sure customers are satisfied before making their purchase. Trial version contains exactly same functions than full version. Only difference between the trial and the full version is that trial version will end automatically after 15 days.

Easy Bulk Mailer

With this bulk mail software you can send email easily to a large amount of recipients, for example:

⦁ Newsletters
⦁ Brochures
⦁ Advertisements and marketing messages for potential customers
⦁ Seasonal greetings your current customers
⦁ Information about new products or services