The Setup Wizard of Easy Bulk Mailer is shown above.

1. FTP tags – Give your FTP credentials

Test button – This button does several things. First, it confirms the FTP connection between your computer and your web server. After that it will try to transfer BackEnd folder to your webserver in location public_html. BackEnd folder location in your computer is ‘/Easy Bulk Mailer/FKysKM9m’. Your web server BackEnd folder location is ‘/public_html/FKysKM9m’. If the default server of your web server is not ‘/public_html/’,  you can setup folder paths manually in Settings -> FTP .

When the test is complete you will get this message box shown above.

2. Next button – After the test is complete, you can click the Next button

2. SMTP tags – Insert your FTP credentials

3. Save button – Click Save button after you have inserted your FTP credentials

Program will now restart. After that, try to send a test email to yourself.

If you don’t get the test email, try to add SMTP credentials again. If you don’t know your SMTP credentials, you can ask those from your hosting provider. If you get the test email but the analytics doesn’t work, try to transfer backend folder to your web server manually using a third party FTP client. After that, go to Settings -> FTP and set your BackEnd folder paths manually.

The main screen of Easy Bulk Mailer is shown above.

1. Send – This button does several things.

First it will open a new window (4.) as program starts to download unsubscribelist.txt -file from your FTP server.
After that program will make a fast comparing between unsubscribelist.txt and Email list (window 3.). Program will delete unsubscribed e-mails inside (window 4.). It will also delete duplicate emails. After that the program sending your e-mails.

2. Add email list – Load email list from hard drive (.txt)

3. Email list – You can add here the recipients email addresses manually or you can use Add email list button

4. Sending progression – Information of the current e-mail transmission

5. Analytics – Includes a small information about your Last campaign

6. Senders email address – This window will show a senders email address

7. Header – This textbox is where you insert your email’s header text

8. Attachment – You can add an attachment to your e-mail

9. E-mail body – If you don’t want to use HTML, you can write a text based email here.

The main screen menu bars of Easy Bulk Mailer is shown above.

1.  File – Menu

  • Load HTML – Load HTML-file and use it as your email
  • Attachment – Load an attachment to your e-mail
  • Error report – Load txt and open it
  • Close Program – Close the program

2. Features – Menu

  • Download unsubscribe list – Download txt file on your webserver
  • Analytics – Open Analytics window
  • HTML-editor – Open HTML editor

3. Settings – Menu

  • Wizard – Start Easy Bulk Mailer settings Wizard
  • FTP – Open FTP window
  • SMTP – Open SMTP window
  • Delay – Open Delay window
  • Senders email – Open Senders email window
  • Unsubscribe text – Open Unsubscribe text window
  • Active product – Opens Active product window

Message Delay screen is shown above

1. Delay – You can add Mail delivery delay here.

Senders Email Address Window shown above.

1. Senders Email Address – Add here the email address that the recipents will see.

Unsubscribe Text Window shown above.

1. Unsubscribe text – Add your Unsubscribe text to the upper textbox.  Insert the unsubscribe link text in the lower Textbox.

2. Example – If you don’t want anymore emails from us you can unsubscribe here

Activate product Window shown above.

1. Activation code – Insert your full version activation code in the text box and click Save.

The HTML editor of Easy Bulk Mailer is shown above.

1. Blocks – In the left section you can choose blocks and modify them (1)

2. Add Button – Add button will add your modified block to HTML ‘Preview’ window (5)

3. Modify Button – Modify Button will transfer selected block to the modification window (4.)

4. Modify Window – here you can modify your blocks

5. Block Preview window – Here you can see your current block in HTML

6. Refresh- Refresh / Update button will update your changes to selected block

7. Preview – Preview button will show your current HTML

For better understanding of how Easy Bulk mailer HTML-editor works, watch our YouTube video tutorial LINK


If your server .htaccess file is not configured yet we recommend you to add following commands inside the .htaccess file

This prevents visitors to see your website indexes and .txt files:

Options –Indexes

order allow,deny
deny from all